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Customer KPI Dashboard

Empowering you to make the right decisions

Revenue Trends

We'll show you revenue per month for the last 3 years.  So you can see it, know we have the right data and spot trends and seasonality.  And see your rate of growth quickly.

On the Phone
On the Phone

Revenue Drivers

Your revenue can only come from new or existing customers.  We'll show you which for your business.  This will help you understand what's important.  And WHY you are seeing the revenue trend you are.  And we'll show you how this has changed since last year, and the year before.

New Customers

See how many new customers you recruit.  Not just how much of your traffic is new.  So you can understand how effective your acquisition marketing is.  Compared to last year, of course.

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Customer Retention

The percentage of your existing customers who order each month.  For the last 3 years.  So you can understand how loyal your customers are, and whether this is changing.

Repeat Purchase and Lifetime Value

Knowing how many of your new customers come back and shop again, and their value, lets you understand how much you can afford to spend to recruit them.  Businesses that know this grow more quickly and more profitably.  And if you track it monthly you can quickly see if it is changing so you don't over or under invest.

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We don't show you many numbers.  Because we think it is better to show you the right ones.  These are the numbers that the fastest growing businesses monitor monthly.  And now you can too.

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