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Introducing datatate.

Illuminating Insights.  Empowered Growth.

Navigate, Learn, Grow, With as much help as you need. 

Tablet Design

Our Story

Striving to empower

Our founders are a seasoned business growth consultant with decades of experience in leveraging data for marketing and strategy, and a technical expert skilled in swift data manipulation. We wanted to find a way to liberate businesses from expensive customer data platforms and single customer views, allowing a shift in resources towards impactful marketing campaigns. 


Datatate can be whatever you need to grow your business


Customer KPI App: Get the numbers the big businesses use, quickly and easily, with notes.


Growth Consultancy:
Pay by hour.  The expert advice & forecasts you need.



Some of the best paid social marketers in the UK can buy your ads.


Marketing Strategy:

Customer first marketing strategy, driven by data and results. 



Get training  in best practice social media marketing campaigns

Customer KPIs

The original datatate app

It gives you just the data you need to make decisions.  So you can grow your business.

Plug and Play

Dashboard delivered monthly with updated metrics.  Including revenue breakdown between new and existing customers.

New Customer Metrics

Revenue, orders and number of new customers.  Compared to last year.  At a glance.

Lifetime Value

Repeat purchase rates and customer value.  No calculations needed.  You can use this to calculate your allowable CAC.  Or we can do it for you. 

Existing Customer Metrics

Orderer rate.  Revenue.  Compared to last year so you know if they are more or less loyal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

$10 a month for the dashboard, delivered monthly.  You can cancel at anytime

Why did you invent this app?

We wanted to help small businesses to grow by using the power of technology to make is easy for them to get hold of information.

It all sounds great, but what does the app actually do?

The datatate customer dashboard lets you access the customer metrics that big businesses use to make decisions, and helps you understand them.  Take a look at the app in the "see the app" section of the site and you can see what we mean.

Does the app only work if I have a shopify store?

At the moment, yes.  But if you are interested in the app and have a store on another platform then get in touch and we will see what we can do! We'd love to hear from you at

Get In Touch

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